Obaidah Zorik

Born 1990 in Maysaf, Syria
Lives in Bremen, Germany

Obaidah Zorik is a young emerging artist on the contemporary Syrian art scene. He studied pictorial techniques at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University, obtaining his degree in 2012. Towards the end of 2015, he moved to Bremen, Germany, to pursue further studies in plastic arts. As an independent artist, he has participated in a few collective exhibitions, namely in Germany, Beirut and Lebanon, where he was congratulated on his artistic work.

He draws his inspiration for his creations from deep within himself, from childhood memories, from experiences, and uses his creative energy to bring life and expression to abstract expressionism. Immerged in an introspective universe, the artist rewrites the definition of feeling and emotion, and invents his own language accentuated by a dynamic of lines, colours, rhythms and movements. The colours are intense and free, the lines bold and defiant.

Expertly mastering the fusion of colours and volumes, his brush enlivens these forms and lines which, without any real limit, create abstract and figurative expressionist subjects, and allow surrealist forms, indeed even the contours of his own face or silhouette, to show through. His subversive universe, bearing the hallmarks of Kafkaesque singularity, is expressed in his work by returning to the original, the intimate, where the combination of light and shadow, brightness and darkness, immerses us in the complexities of the subconscious and mysticism, revealing secrets both tangible and intangible on the canvas.