Souad Mardem Bey

Souad Mardam Bey is a Syrian plastic artist born in Damascus, Syria.

Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.


She studied philosophy at the Lebanese University in Beirut. She moved to many places to Canada and Egypt also she has many exhibitions in: Paris, Kuwait, Read, Jeddah, Cairo and Argentina. Mardam Bey’s oversized canvases are brimming with undercurrents of emotion; layers of color and intricate details which adorn her subjects, yet it is their eyes that leave you spellbound.  Read more and take a look at the available works !

Ammar Khadour

Ammar khadour was born in 1991 in Damascus (Syria) where he has been studying Law at Damascus University until 2017. He began his career as an artist when he started photography six years ago in Damascus. In November 2017, he was invited by Kulturvermittlung Steiermark to reside in Graz as an “artist in exile”. On May 29, 2018, he participated in the event Knafe, Artist talk and continue reading and check the new works!